Private Tomcat Hosting Plans

Tomcat Hosting Plans Subscription Fee
Tomcat Basic Plan 128 MB JVM $6.90 / month Learn more
Tomcat Medium Plan 256 MB JVM $10.90 / month Learn more
Tomcat Advanced Plan 512 MB JVM $16.90 / month Learn more

Specialized Dedicated Server Plans

Dedicated Server Plans Subscription Fee


  • Java Development Kit / Java Runtime Environment version 6.0 / 7.0 / 8.0
  • SSH/SFTP account for remote access
  • Web mail
  • IMAP/POP3 mail server
  • Apache Tomcat 6.0.x / 7.0.x / 8.x instances
  • Perl, CGI installed
  • Other open source packages are available upon requests
  • Admin Control Panel - database backup, Web mail, Virtual Hostings etc.
  • User completely controls life cycle of Apache tomcat (start/stop)
  • Ideally for java programmers who are familiar with ANT, Unix/Linux environment, command lines

Our Services

  • Our server environment is highly available, scalable and extensible. with 99% uptime
  • All private tomcat hosting plans are hosted on a Dual Xeon server with RAID-1 settings
  • Our price plans are  highly competitive  and very flexible.
  • We guarantee our service is reliable and dependable with 100% customer satisfactions or 7 days money back
  • Great discount for non-profit organizations, academic, and open source projects
  • Our team members have a diversity technical backgrounds with expertise in Java/J2EE/Tomcat/MySQL/relational data model
  • All dedicated servers includes FREE setup
  • Customized configuration can be set up per customer request

Java Consultant and Development Services

Provide full consulting services for custom complex e-commerce businesses from designing the information architecture of the web site, programming secured enterprise quality middle tier, modeling the relational data model to setting up servers and providing full supports.
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